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A budding singer: Princess Mafalda of Bulgaria

 photography by Bec Lorrimer

HRH Princess Mafalda Cecilia of Bulgaria has led a very privileged life, growing up in London, as the eldest of three children of HRH Prince Kyril of Bulgaria and his wife, Rosario Nadal.   She has a younger sister, Olympia and a younger brother, Tassilo.    Family vacations were spent on Mallorca, Spain, as Mafalda has extensive Spanish roots through both her parents.  Her paternal grandparents are King Simeon II and Queen Margarita of Bulgaria.  The Spanish-born Queen Margarita is the daughter of a Spanish nobleman, Don Manuel Gómez-Acebo y Modet.

Mafalda's father, Kyril, Prince of Preslav, studied physics at Princeton, and worked in finance for many years.  Princess Rosario has been described as the Italian designer Valentino's muse, and, she moves in a social circle that includes Crown Princess Marie Chantal of Greece and Lady Helen Taylor.

Lady Helen's son, Columbus, and Mafalda were childhood playmates.

Mafalda has been interested in music for nearly her entire life.  She is now 22-years-old.   Speaking to Paper Magazine's Mickey Boardman in December,  Mafalda -- who uses only her first name -- said she when she was a child she  "inherited her mother's IPod,"  and would "spend hours scrolling through and listening to the electic mix of music."   She began writing music when she was 14,  but her desire to follow a career in music jelled three years later during her first live concert -- held in a British pub -- that Mafalda realized "Music would become a very important part of my life."

 photography by Bec Lorrimer

Her audition in Valencia, Spain, for the Birklee College of Music, was successful, and she moved to Boston to study at the prestigious school, where she has "developed her rich, soulful voice and songwriting skills."   She has released several singles including "Don't Let Go," "Run" and "Awake."  Her website has links to her music, which also available on Spotify.

Another writer noted that one should "sit back" and admire Mafalda's vocals, and touted her ability to "be a big name in the months to come."

In the summer of 2016, Mafalda was invited to perform as after dinner surprise for Valentino, at Island, a private club on the Athens Riviera.   Princess Rosario is one of Valentino's muses.

You also can follow Mafalda's career on Facebook and Instagram

None of her interviews refer to her title or family connections.  Her parents were
were married in July 1989 in Palma de Mallorca in the presence of King Juan Carlos, Queen Sofia, and other members of the Spanish royal family.    Mafalda is one of eleven grandchildren of King Simeon II and Queen Margarita of the Bulgarians - and their eldest granddaughter.  She was born in London on July 27, 1994.

Although Prince Kyril, an investment banker, and Rosario have been separated for some years, they have never divorced.

Princess Mafalda is now based in New York City, where she continues to pursue her career.  She uses only her first name as a musician, but her legal name is Mafalda Sajonia-Coburgo.

 For more than two years now, she has been dating London-born Marc Abousleiman, who is now at Harvard studying medicine.  

My thanks to Mickey Boardman for allowing me to use two photos from his interview with Mafalda.

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