Saturday, June 18, 2016

St. Paul's Cathedral -- Arrivals for Thanksgiving service

I have returned home from a week in England (with a stopover in Iceland.)  I was in the crowd for the Thanksgiving Service at St. Paul's Cathedral, the Trooping the Colour,  Garter Day (no procession due to inclement weather) and the first day of Ascot.  My friend Katrina and I were on Duke's lane in Windsor Great Park for the procession  .. carriages were closed due to the ... inclement weather.

I was so glad that I brought a back up camera and long lens with me as my new 75 300 mm Canon lens worked on Thursday when I went to the Zoo but would not screw in on Friday before the arrivals.  After I got home, I brought the lens and camera back to Best Buy (under warranty, and I also have a protection plan.)

All the photos were taken by me.

The Duke and Duchess of Westminster

Lord and Lady Nicholas Windsor

Mr and Mrs. Peter Phillips

Tim Taylor

Lady Helen and Tim Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tindall

Lady Sarah and Daniel Chatto

Viscountess Linley with her son.  Missing:  Viscount Linley, the Queen's nephew. He did not attend the service.   He did attend Ascot with the Queen, riding in her carriage, but without Lady Linley.  Is is possible that Lord and Lady Linley are having marital problems?

Hon Margarita and Hon. Charles Armstrong-Jones and one of the Chatto sons

Prime  Minister Cameron with his wife, Samantha

the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester

Countess of St, Andrews and the Duke of Kent

Lady Rose and George Gilman,  Lady Davina and Gary Lewis,  Lady Amelia and Lady Marina-Charlotte Windsor

Lord and Lady Frederick Windsor & Lady Gabriella Windsor

The Earl of Wessex

Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, Duke of York, Earl and Countess of Wessex, 

Lord Severn and Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor

Princess Royal and Tim Lawrence

Princess Alexandra

I love how Princess Anne came down the stairs to help Princess Alexandra, 79

Duchess of Cambridge

the Prince of Wales

Due to a traffic accident at the Embankment, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh arrived 16 minutes late.  (They were not involved in the accident).


MAXny said...

That's one hell of a camera you have. My goodness it looks like you were standing right there next to them. All the photos are incredible.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Thanks, Barton. In late March I bought a new digital SLR, Canon Eos Rebel T-5 which came with the standard lens and the 75-300. Let's just say I am glad I had my older camera with me. In early 2010, I went to the National Zoo with my Minolta slr (film),only a few years old, with my 75-300 Tamron lens. Something happened, and the camera froze. Took it to a repair shop, but digital SLRs were becoming the norm. Ritz Camera was very nice. They said they would look at it, but noted that Sony had bought Minolta and my lenses would work on a digital SLR. I made the decision to not have the camera repaired, but if they could salvage my panda pics, I would be happy. I think they were able to save a few prints. A few months later, I bought the Sony A330 which my long lens fit perfectly. That camera served me well, but the long lens beginning to have problems. But I am glad I had it with me. I used the canon with the 300 lens at the London zoo, everything thing was fine, but the next day, it would not screw in ... panic ... but I had the other camera with me, so backups help. Glad I got a service plan for the Canon as I took it to Best Buy and they sent it off to repair or replace ..

JohnF said...

The photos are just great, much better than those we saw in the press here in the UK. Congratulations. Just a small comment if I may, the lady you label as 'Duchess of Cornwall', with her back to the camera is not her - the hat & shoes are different. Also, don't you think that the Duchess of Westminster was showing just a little too much leg for a lady of her age? The lady in blue next to the Duke is his sister Leonora. Countess of Lichfield.