Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lady Charlotte Wellesley to marry Alejandro Santo Domingo

Mr A. Santo Domingo and Lady Charlotte Wellesley

The engagement is announced between Alejandro, son of the late Julio Mario Santo Domingo and of Beatrice Santo Domingo, and Charlotte, youngest daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Wellington.

Alejandro, a 38-year-old U.S. citizen, is worth about $4.4 billion dollars.  According to Forbes' 2015 ranking of the world's billionaires,  Alejandro is ranked #369.

Alejandro's half-brother, the late Julio Mario, Jr., who died in 2009, was the father of Tatiana Santo Domingo, who is married to Andrea Casiraghi.


Alejandro was born February 13, 1977 at New York City.  He has a BA in art history from Harvard University.


Lady Charlotte, 24, has a BA in Archeology and Anthropology from the University of Oxford. She graduated in 2013.  She is a descendant of Queen Victoria through her mother, HRH Princess Antonia of Prussia.

She is employed at Art Partner and is the traveling producer for photographer Mario Testino.

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NYC said...

Modern day arranged marriage. He will never be faithful.