Thursday, February 26, 2015

Succession to the Crown law ... edging its way to final assent

One step closer to the new Succession law becoming official .. on 2-24, the two houses of the Western Parliament passed the law, sending it to the Australian Parliament for assent. Western Australia was the last of the state parliaments to pass the law (it took them a year). When this happens, then (I think) there will be a privy council meeting with the Queen to make it official. The changes will include: succession of the first born regardless of sex. Those who married Roman Catholics will be restored to the succession (Prince Michael and Lord St Andrews, King Michael of Romania, among others.) Roman Catholics will remain out of succession. The Royal Marriages Act will be confined to the dustbin of history, as permission for marriage will be limited to the first six in line. The gender equal affects only those persons born after October 28, 2011. So, in other words, the Princess Royal and her line will not be moving ahead of the Duke of York. No major shuffling. The Act of Settlement (1701) remains the basis for the succession. The law covers succession and marriage, and not with titles.

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glitterboy said...

I think the Western Australia bill is awaiting Royal Assent (by the Governor of Western Australia) before it can be sent to the Australian Federal Parliament for consideration.