Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A royal Divorce: Bagration vs Bagration

Prince David Bagration, heir to the throne of Georgia, and his wife, Princess  Anna Bagration, have divorced.  An announcement was made on the Georgian royal house's official website.

The couple were married in 2009.  Their only son, a son, Prince George, was born in 2011. 

There have been reports of marital discord for some time.  The rumors have turned out to be true.  Princess Anna filed the charges for divorce on the grounds of adultery, as Georgian actress Shorena Begashvili confessed to having an affair with Prince David.

The official statement from Prince David, which was posted on December 15.

"With much regret, I announce the end of my marriage with Anna Bagrationi, which I thank for the wonderful son we have in common, H.R.H.Giorgi Bagration Bagrationi,declared as future heir of the Bagrationi Dynasty by His Holiness Patriarch of All Georgia Illia II in the day of His Baptism on November 3, 2013 , who like his Father, Grandfather and ancestors ,will hold the tittle of Prince of Mukhrani."
Davit Batonishvili



juan said...

It was not a love match. If you see their wedding´s pictures you can see there wasn´t love between them. Their families wanted they got married to reunite the two Bragationi´s branches. Now they have a heir and don´t need to be married anymore.

Maora JFB said...

There was also rumors, at the time of the wedding, that the princesse has been forced to divorce her 1st husband, the father of her 2 daughters, for all this mascarade.

Joseph said...

Constantly, over the past years, David was demanding from HRH Princess Anna to push her father to abdicate from his legitimate rights thus usurping the sovereign rights of his father-in-law. But because Princess Anna did not went against the truth, that is why David stated about divorce.

Joseph said...

I am an ordinary Georgian man and worried about of my country's future. Being monarchist I wish to express my anger concerning of statement of prince David and wish to say that he must know that by such unworthy actions he would not damage the idea but again shows his real face which has no pretty good reputation in Georgia.