Thursday, November 7, 2013

The newlyweds pose as tourists

November 8, 1927

The newly married Duke and Duchess of Apulia, the "most photographed couple in Italy, "managed to avoid detection after their wedding," and were successfully able to slip away from "the bridal party," reports the Associated Press.

After their wedding, the duke, a cousin of the King of Italy, and his new bride, Princess Anne of France, managed to avoid the waiting press.  He "successfully disguised himself in civilian clothes," and drove a high-powered roadster" with Princess Anne by his side.

They stopped at a grade crossing, where the duke asked for directions as if he was an ordinary tourist.  They made their way through Naples and were able to board the yacht Aldebaran, without anything noticing.

The newlyweds are spending the first part of their honeymoon aboard the yacht which plans to visit Capri,

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