Thursday, August 29, 2013

King Michael visits American prisoners

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August 29, 1943

King Michael of Romania, accompanied by his mother, Queen Helen,  paid a visit yesterday to 70 United States flyers, who are being held at Sinaia, after the a raid on the Ploesti oil field on August 1.

The report was made by semi-diplomatic sources and released today, by the Associated Press.

The King, who speaks fluent English, offered to write to the prisoners' families "personally."  One of the POWs, in a back row, shouted "Couldn't you cable?'

The Americans are being held at one of the "many fine hotels" in Sinaia, which is the summer resort of the royal family.  The main palace was built by Carol I.   According to the report, they are receiving "special medical care."   The dead were buried with military honors" at a special "heroes" cemetery at Ploesti.

Twenty of "the huge fleet of United States Liberators" which attacked the Ploesti oilfields on August 1 failed to return to base.  The men who are being held at Sinaia, "were among those parachuted or landed crippled craft on enemy soil."

Several Americans told Romanian intelligence officers that they "were manhandled by peasants and oil field worker" before being taken into custody by the army.

The interrogators told the Americans that every effort "would be made to catch the offenders," and they would be shot if found guilty.


Michelle said...

Marlene, any thoughts on the DM article saying that Guy Pelly is saying he's going to be a godparent to Prince George? i mean, it's the DM so CLEARLY it's to be taken with a grain of salt. just wondering what you'd think of that! honestly, i can't imagine the logic/thinking behind that... but figured it was worth discussion, given that this is a "there are sources" article rather than a "this is our guess" article. although i do admit, a "source" for the DM doesn't really mean it's credible. ;-)

will we be able to see the prince's Christening in the way the european royals televise theirs? haven't seen anything other than pre-ceremony pictures/videos with the brits before, so just wondering.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

The mail picked up the story from the sun. I would not read anything into it until the palace announces the details. There was video of prince william's baptism. British baptisms tend to be private with official photos released afterward

Terry said...

Hi. Was really happy to find this news item. Do you happen to have a link/source? Thanks muchvelsact

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

It is in the story - the Associated Press was the source, published in the New York Times.