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Separation imminent for the Crown Prince & Crown Princess of Greece?

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August 31, 1912

Oh dear.  According to the Marquise de Fontenoy, the "estrangement between the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Greece has reached the point of open rupture."   Many are now assuming that a separation "is imminent," despite the many efforts "heal their differences."

The former Princess Sophie of Prussia has "many of the masterful characteristics" of her oldest brother, Kaiser Wilhelm II.  She has maintained her :"German distinctions openly in Greece," and she is apparently forcing German ways and German ideas at the court in Athens.

For a time, her "good natured husband," Crown Prince Constantine was "completely under her finger and thumb," but it has become apparent that he is in "open rebellion against her dictatorial whims."  It has also been stated by someone with strong ties to the court that he went so far as to "smack her on the cheek," for her insulting remarks about Greece and the modern Greeks.

The marriage of Princess Sophie and Crown Prince Constantine took place on October 15, 1889 in Athens. It was said to be a love match engineered and aided by Constantine's Aunt Alexandra, then the Princess of Wales, and Sophie's recently widowed mother, Empress Friedrich.

Constantine was only 21 one at the time, and he was "devoted in his attentions toward Princess Sophie."  

The Crown Princess is now in Darmstadt visiting her younger sister, Princess Friedrich Karl of Hesse.  She has flatly refused to return to Greece.

her brother has ordered her to return to Greece, reminding her of her wifely duties, but she responded with "Allow me to manage my own affairs my way."

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