Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Prince admits he's the dad

December 6, 1937

Viennese actress Nora Gregor married Prince Ernst Rüdiger von Starhemberg four days ago after his first marriage was annulled. Today, the Prince acknowledged that he is the father of his new wife's three-year-old son, Heinrich.

He has petitioned the Swiss birth registry office in Lucerne, where Heinrich, was born, to "re-register the child."  

Ludwig Draxler, the former Austrian Minister of finance, represents the "wealthy and politically prominent prince, told the Associated Press that he "expected no serious complications."   Under Austrian law,  Heinrich was legitimated by his parents' marriage.

The little boy, born on October 4, 1934, was originally registered with the name Heinrich Rüdiger Gregor.

A family friend has admitted that the little boy is hidden and being guarded by detectives.   Heinrich's whereabouts are secret "because of threats" made by his father's political enemies to "kidnap him should his father re-enter Austrian politics."

The newly married couple are expected to leave shortly for Switzerland, where the prince "planned to attend personally to re-registration of the birth certificate."

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