Monday, January 11, 2010

Lia has a baby at 60

Lia Lambrino, the wife of Paul Lambino, who pretends to the title of Prince of Romania, gave birth to a son today at a Bucharest hospital. Carol Ferdinand Lambrino weighed 4.9 lbs. 

Although Romanian news sources state that Lia is 56, she is actually 60 years old and will celebrate her 61st birthday on February 23. Paul is the son of the late Carol Mircea Lambrino, the firstborn son of the late King Carol. Carol Mircea was born after Carol's marriage to Zizi Lambrino was annulled. 

In the late 1950s, Carol Mircea Lambrino was named in French and Portuguese rulings regarding King Carol II's property in those two countries. He was able to be named as a legitimate heir to these properties, along with his half-brother, King Michael. (The property in France was apparently a ramshackle house.) 

The court rulings established or defined Carol Mircea as a prince of the Royal House of Romania. The court rulings were solely for the late king's personal property in two countries. Paul does not have dynastic rights in Romania. 

It is unlikely that this baby was conceived naturally, considering Lia's true age. It appears that a little medical tinkering was done to achieve the goal of giving birth at the age of 60. "My wife and I a long time we wanted a child," says Prince Paul in a statement released to the media. "It is also a time of accomplishment and because our son was born in Romania, as we wanted. Birth of our son is one more reason to reaffirm my duty to honor our ancestors and to the generation to come, for him to know better and understand the history of the Romanian people, which they love so much."

This is the first child for Paul Lambrino. Lia Lambrino has a 37-year-old daughter, Melia, from her first marriage to lawyer Melvin Belli.

 The Bucharest Herald's report has changed Lia's age to 58, which is still incorrect.


Anonymous said...

I still think it's horrible to have a child at 61 but I'm glad that the child appears to be healthy.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I hear a story like this, I think of what a friend of mine used to say: "God doesn't allow 50 (or 60) year old women to have babies because they might forget where they put them!" Although I do think that any baby is a blessing. I would like to know how the name Carol is pronounced in Romania? Like Karl or like (the usually female) name Carol?


Doina Manea said...

Honey, I am 60 and I still remember my grandkids' names, where I put my car keys, I still remember to shut off the lights and to lock the doors at night. Unlike my children, but I assume too much texting takes a toll on their brains. But I do agree, there is a time to breed and then there is a time to become a grandparent. As for Carol name, it is NOT pronounced Karl. "O" is also pronounced, in other words, each letter is spelled out according to the Latin alphabet.

Paul Kangas Prevention medicine like vitamin C hourly can prevent 99 diseases said...

I am 73, and still remember everything quit well.
Lia Lambrino is quite healthy.
She & I both ran for office, State Senate, in San Francisco against Milton Marks, so we knew each other. We were friends.
I met with her & her husband Prince Paul lambrino when they were in SF. Highly educated people. Very into solar energy.
I wish them well and am glad they now have a male heir to the throne.
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Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Paul, Paul has no dynastic rights to the throne. He is not an heir, nor is he a member of the Roumanian royal family. King Michael is the head of the family, and his daughter is the Crown Princess (and she plays a public role in Roumania)

Unknown said...

Went to high school with Lia, so did know her true age. Always wished her well.