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Duchess of Connaught and Princess Patricia at Cliveden

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 June 29, 1908

The Duchess of Connaught and her younger daughter, Princess Patricia spent the weekend at Cliveden as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Waldorf Astor, reports tje New York Times.   Today, Mrs. Astor gave a "brilliant garden party in aid of the Barnardo Homes.

The Bishop of Virginia presided.  The Duke of Connaught came "specially for the occasion," and both men made "sympathetic speeches" about the Barnardo movement.
Nancy Astor

Mrs. Astor is a native of Danville, Virginia.  She was born Nancy Witcher Langhorne on May 19, 1879, the exact same date as her husband.   Her first marriage to Robert Gould Shaw II ended in divorce.  In 1905, she met the American-born Waldorf Astor on board a passenger ship bound for Britain.
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Their marriage took place in May 1906.  Mr. Astor's father, Viscount Astor, gave Cliveden to the couple as a wedding present.

Last August 7,  Mrs. Astor gave birth to the couple's first child, William Waldorf Astor II.  She also has a son, Robert Gould Shaw III, from her first marriage.

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