Tuesday, March 6, 2018

a son for Prince Serge of Yugoslavia

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HRH Prince Serge Wladimir Emanuel Marie of Yugoslavia has become a father for the first time at age 54.  He will celebrate his 55th birthday on March 12.

Christiane Barrouta Galeotti, 34, gave birth to Umberto Emmanuel Dimitri Karageorgevich, in Monaco on February 3.

Prince Serge is the son of Princess Maria Pia of Savoy and the late Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia.  He has a twin sister, Princess Helene, and two older brothers, Prince Dimitri and Prince Michael.

In November 1985, Prince Serge married Sophie de Toledo.  This marriage was dissolved by divorce eleven months later.   After a longterm relationship with Vanessa von Zittwitz,  Prince Serge married Italian lawyer Eleonora Ragneri in a civil ceremony in Monaco.

According to Princess Eleonora's Instagram account, she and her husband were in Tokyo, Japan, in February and attended an event at Tokyo's Ritz-Carlton on February 17, 2 weeks after the birth of Umberto.   She included a photo of herself and Prince Serge all dressed up with somewhere to go.

I am certainly not going to speculate on the state of their marriage.   The Prince and Princess were photographed in Monaco on May 28.  They are close friends of Prince Albert and were guests at his enthronement ceremony.

Christiane Barrouta Galeotti is a self-taught calligrapher based in Cap d'Ail, France, only a few minutes from the Monagesque border.



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Monkmkd said...

I can not understand the baby is a illegitimate child or its a surrogate mother or else? Do you think that it has recived a title or recognition as member of the royal family of Serbia. I havent seen an official information by the palace?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

the child was born out of wedlock. The palace is not going to make an official announcement. Serge is a member of a non-dynastic branch of the family. According to the early 1930s family law, Paul and his male descendants are not in the line of succession. Serge's son will have no title. The late Prince Alexander was his legal father, but not his biological father. All four of Maria Pia's children were raised Catholic, not Orthodox.

Monkmkd said...

I am familiar with the family law I was just not certain about the new born. But I didnt know that Prince Alexander isnt their biological father is it familiar who actualy is it?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Serge and Helen look very much like their natural father, Prince Michel of Bourbon-Parma