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Princess Patricia is ignoring Cupid

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February 21, 1908

The latest rumor about Princess Patricia of Connaught that has Britain reveling in the "love affairs of that elusive young beauty," concerns a possible engagement with the Count of Turin, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Those "best acquainted with the young woman's peculiarities" are convinced that the Count will have "no better luck with his wooing" than others who have "sought in vain to attach the matrimonial halter to the young princess."

She has "upset all traditions" by refusing to allow her uncle, King Edward VII, or her parents to arrange a marriage.

This golden haired princess, "with large soulful eyes" and a marvelous complexion," has driven several suitors to despair.   King Alfonso XIII pursued her to no avail.  After one look at him, the young princess turned to her father, the Duke of Connaught and allegedly said: "I simple won't marry that horrid little man; so there."

Alfonso XIII found another princess in England: Patricia's first cousin, Ena of Battenberg.   They married in May 1906.

There were reports that King Edward VII wanted her to marry the young Crown Prince Luis Filipe of Portugal, who was assassinated with his father, King Carlos I, on February 1.  The young Crown Prince was only 20 when he was killed.

Grand Duke Michael of Russia, the younger brother of Nicholas II, and Prince Eitel Friedrich of Prussia, the second son of Kaiser Wilhelm II, had also expressed interest in marrying the Duke of Connaught's youngest child, but, again, the independent-mined princess said no. 

Two years ago,  Eitel Friedrich married Duchess Sophie Charlotte of Oldenburg.

Grand Duke Michael remains unmarried.

The Count of Turin - HRH Prince Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy-Aosta -- is a cousin of King Vittorio Emanuele III.  His father, Prince Amadeo, Duke of Aosta, was King of Spain from November 1870 until February 1873.

The Count is 37 years old and a Roman Catholic.  He is unlikely to win Patricia's heart.

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