Monday, October 9, 2017

Prince George of Greece to marry rich princess

October 9, 1907

Prince George of Greece is to marry Princess Marie Bonaparte, "one of the richest women in Europe, reports the Los Angeles Times.  Her fortune comes from Monte Carlo's gambling casinos.   The 25-year-old princess is the only child of Prince Roland Bonaparte and his late wife, Marie-Félix Blanc, who died shortly after giving birth to Marie. 

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Her paternal grandfather, Prince Pierre Bonaparte, who was the son of Lucien, Bonaparte, one of Emperor Napoleon's younger brother.  Her maternal grandfather was Francois Blanc, whose fortune was made with the operation of casinos in Monaco.

Prince George, 38, is the second son of King George and Queen Olga. 

The marriage is said to be a love match.


John said...

Did Bonaparte princes in her branch of the family have a HRH, HSH, or HH before their title? Despite her wealth sounds like an Unequal marriage.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Grandfather was a HIghness as Prince Bonaparte, but this was a non dynastic branch. Roland and his sister may have been before their parents marriage. The Greeks treated the marriage as equal