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Victoria opposed to Duke of York's match with Mary

June 1, 1892

Now that the young Prince George of Wales has received the title Duke of York,  he has become the subject of numerous marital rumors.  It has been "confidently expected by many" that Queen Victoria would also bestow the "style of Royal Highness upon Princess Victoria Mary of Teck," reports the Chicago Tribune.  

The Queen had "signified her intention of raising Mary's royal rank," as a one of "many signs of sympathy and affection" that Victoria "began to shower upon the unfortunate Princess" after the death of her fiance, the Duke of Clarence in January.

Mary's name has been omitted from the birthday honors, and many see this as a "sign of the Queen's displeasure at the energetically circulated rumor" of the forthcoming engagement of the Duke of Clarence's younger brother, the new Duke of York, and Princess Mary.

Queen Victoria is said to be opposed to a match between her grandson and Princess Mary, just as she was opposed to the Duke of Clarence's engagement.  She gave her consent only "after many protestations from the Prince and Princess of Wales."

It is expected the the Duke of York's parents will follow a similar course and "plead for the second son.."

No one knows what the outcome will be, but the hope is for the Duke of York to be married as "expeditiously as possible after the year of mourning has elapsed."

The Duke of York will move into an apartment at St. James's Palace, which had been intended for the Duke of Clarence after his marriage to Princess May.

There are not that many eligible Princesses to choose from, and none of whom would be as "bright and vivacious" as Princess May, who is very popular with the English people.   Neither she nor the Duke of York has a choice in this matter.

Other names being suggested are two of the Duke of York's first cousins,  Princess Alix of Hesse and by Rhine and Princess Marie of Edinburgh.

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