Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Princesses of Great Britain?

January 24,  1907

It was just over two years ago when King Edward VII "invested his two young granddaughters," the children of his daughter, Princess Louise and the Duke of Fife, with the rank of princess.'"  The Marquise de Fontenoy, in her latest column writes that the two girls, formerly Lady Alexandra and Lady Maud Duff, are in line on the crown,  following their mother, the Princess Royal, and "coming immediately after the children of the Prince and Princess of Wales."

A question has arose about the young girls' official title.  Their father's family name is Duff, so are Alexandra and Maud Princesses of Duff or as others have "declared," Princesses of Fife.

The Duke of Fife has recently responded to "an inquiry addressed to him," and has written a letter to state that his daughters are "Princesses of Great Britain and Ireland."

He would not have presumed to have made this statement without the sanction of his father-in-law, the King.   The official announcement in the Gazette "proclaiming the elevation in rank of the Ladies Alexandra and Maud Duff" made no reference to indicate that they had become Princesses of Great Britain and Ireland.

They are included as Princesses of the Blood" but their official position has been in "ignorance" until now.

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