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Princess Irene makes informal visit to USA

January 12, 1967

Princess Irene of Greece is in the United States on an informal visit, reports the New York Times.  The 24-year-old princess, the younger sister of King Constantine II, will be visiting 17 cities to hear music.

Gina Bachauer, the Greek pianist, told reporters that Irene is "here as a musician."  The "tall, slender" princess is her pupil.  If she had not been born into a royal family, she might be "playing the piano professionally."

Princess Irene will leave New York City later day.  This was her first stop on a five-week music tour around the national.  She expects to attend "25 concerts and rehearsal."

A spokesman for Lincoln Center said: "We've never arranged a tour like this for anyone, but then there aren't many important people or royalty who have the tremendous interest and musical ability of the Princess."

"She inherited her father's musicality and his beautiful hands - big and supple," said Miss Bachauer, who has taught both Princess Irene and her late father, King Paul.

Until Queen Anne-Marie, the wife of Irene's older brother, King Constantine II, gave birth to a daughter, Princess Alexia, in June 1965,  Princess Irene was first in line to the throne.

"I've always loved music," said the brown-eyed Princess.  She sees her tour as an opportunity to "visit some musical activities and learn some of their tricks."

While in New York City, she "attended rehearsals, receptions and dinner parties" at the Metropolitan Opera House, Philharmonic Hall, New York State Theater, the New York City Ballet and the Juilliard School of Music.

This is the Princess' second visit here.  There years ago, she accompanied her mother, Queen Frederika, to New York, as the Queen was the recipient of an honorary degree from Columbia University.

Apart from music, Princess Irene is also interested in archeology.  "You can't help it at home," she said in fluent English.  "Wherever you go there are archaeological finds."

The princess likes discotheques. "They're fun when go with many friends."
She does not care for miniskirts.  The Princess, along with her mother, and her 28=year-old sister, Princess Sophie, the wife of Don Juan Carlos de Borbon, the son of the Spanish pretender, the Count of Barcelona, prefers the designs of the Greek-born designer, Jean Desses.

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It be interesting to learn of possible suitors for Princess Irene.. Pity she never married.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

It is understood that she had a long term relationship with a member of the King's household .. an equerry, long time friend of the king