Sunday, January 1, 2017

Another dip into my collection: Grecian idyll

My royal postcard collection spans more than 100 years - from the 1890s to the present. It is small by some standards: 9000 plus cards.  In my many years of collecting, I have met other collectors with larger collections (and more disposal income to indulge).

Today, I share a selection of images from my Greece album,

Princess Alexandra of Greece and Denmark, daughter of King George I and Queen Olga.  Married to Grand Duke Paul of Russia.

Crown Princess Sophie (nee Prussia)

Eldest son of Constantine I and Sophie

Queen Sophie

Princess Marie (Bonaparte) and Prince George of Greece (son of King George I)

King Paul

King Constantine I and Queen Sophie and their children

Prince Christopher, son of King George I

King George II of Greece with his bride, Princess Elisabeth of Romania, an ill-fated marriage

Princess Helen with Olga and Marina
Princess Olga at the time of her engagement to Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark,  The engagement lasted a few months.

Princess Alexander of Greece,(Aspasia Manos) the widow of King Alexander.  

One of the first British postcards of the future Duchess of Kent

 Princess Marie (Bonaparte), married to Prince George

1957:  at the wedding of Princess Helene of France


HouGalAtty said...

Marlene, I'm sure you've addressed this before (and maybe it's related to the furore over the recent article that quoted the Naming of the Queen Mother at her funeral which included the use of the Princess title). In the German postcard of the engagement of Prince Andreas and Princess Alice, the caption refers to Prince Andreas of Greece and Alice, Princess of Battenberg. They were both born princely, but there was a seeming differentiation in how the parties were addressed? Was this a mere editorial decision to avoid duplication or a protocol-based reason? Thanks.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

No idea for the postcard. perhaps Prinzessin Alice von Battenberg would not fit in the same way .. As for the queen mother, she was not styled as Princess Elizabeth by the Archbishop - he was using her name -- her name was not Albert - in talking to God ... it was the same style for Alexandra and Mary at the funerals ... yes, they were born princesses but not British princesses ...

Hennie Altena said...

Nice pictures. Waiting for more. Thanks for posting!
How did you collect your cards? Buying on Ebay or other.

Maureen said...

Thank you for sharing these pieces of history with your audience. I'm very appreciative.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

started long before ebay. Postcard shows in US, abroad, and postcard dealers. Ebay sometimes.

Manon said...

Thank you Marlene for sharing these photos with us. I am always amazed by the true and natural beauty of Princess Alice , Prince Philip's mother.