Friday, June 24, 2016

Alexandra Knatchbull to marry Thomas Hooper

Expect an array of British and foreign royals at the wedding of the Hon. Alexandra Victoria Edwina Diana Knatchbull and Mr. Thomas Hooper.

Miss Knatchbull, 33, is the daughter of Lord and Lady Brabourne, and a great-granddaughter of the late Earl Mounbatten.

The wedding will take place tomorrow (June 25) at 11:30 a.m., at Romsey Abbey.    June 25 is the 116th anniversary of the birth of Alexandra's great-grandfather, Lord Mountbatten, and the 30th birthday of Alexandra's younger sister, Leonora, who died from kidney cancer on October 22, 1991.

She met her fiance through her work at FTI Consulting, where she is a senior director    Alexandra is active in the local Romsey community.  She is patron of the Mountbatten school, succeeding her father.  She is also the first female president of the Romsey and District Scouts and patron of the Romsey Sea Cadets.

Alexandra studied theology at Regent's Park College at Oxford and International Security at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

Lord Brabourne is the godson of the Duke of Edinburgh, and is one of the Duke of Cambridge's godfathers.   The Prince of Wales is one of the godparents of Alexandra's older brother, the Hon. Nicholas Knatchbull, and Alexandra is one of the godchildren of the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

The ties between the Knatchbulls and the royal family remain close.  Lady Brabourne and Miss Knatchbull have been guests of the Queen at Sandringham, and Lady Brabourne shares an interest in carriage racing with the Duke of Edinburgh, who is a first cousin of Lord Brabourne's mother, Countess Mountbatten of Burma.

Tom Hooper is the Founder and CEO of Third Space Learning.


Michelle said...

Given the relatively close family connections, as well as the godparent/godchild connections between various family members, is it likely that several senior royals will attend? Usually these types of weddings might get one royal couple, but it sounds like more may attend this one. Do you have any guesses as to who may be there? Do royals take the godparent/godchild relationship serious enough to be involved in the wedding of, for example, the daughter or sister of their godchild? (I'm an American protestant - I know what a godparent is, especially as my half-sister is Catholic, but I'm unfamiliar with the CoE traditions or the traditions of this particular family.)

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

One of the news articles notes all the street closings before and after the wedding. I expect that there will be several members of the British royal family, perhaps the Spanish royal family, and others.

emeraldcity said...

There were photos of King Constantine and wife Queen Anne-Marie as well as Queen Sophia of Spain in the Daily Mail, I think the only other Royals were British.