Monday, October 12, 2015

Townsend in London, expects to see Margaret

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 October 12, 1955

Group Captain Peter Townsend arrived in London earlier today, reports the Associated Press.   Townsend, a friend of Princess Margaret, said he here is here "just for a holiday."

He is the Air Attache at the British Embassy in Brussels.  He would not answer any questions about Princess Margaret. including would he be meeting the Princess?

"I'm not answering questions like that.  I've told you I''m just here for a holiday. I expect to be back at my job in four week's time."

Speculation continues to grow about the relationship between the 40-year-old divorced flier and the 25-year-old Princess Margaret.

The Princess has left Balmoral. and has caught an overnight train back to London.  She seemed "gay and looked pretty in a close-fitting pink outfit flecked with gray" as she boarded the train in Aberdeen.

There have been many rumors that the couple might marry, and now that Townsend is back in Britain, an official statement may soon come from Buckingham Palace.

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