Friday, October 16, 2015

Pedro will wait to use Duke of Calabria title

HRH Prince Pedro of Bourbon-Two Sicilies will not assume has assuming the titles and dignities of the title Duke of Calabria,  for several months, according to an article in El Mundo,   Prince Pedro,46,  has told friends that out of respect to the memory of his father, he will postpone the the use of his father's titles.

For the time, he will remain known as the Duke of Noto, and his eldest son, Prince Jaime, will remain styled as the Duke of Capua.   He has also canceled the annual ceremony for the Constantinian Order, which was was headed by the late Duke of Calabria.

The Duke of Calabria has suffered from neurological ailments and a stroke that had largely incapacitated him since 2012,   Prince Pedro had represented his father.

The Duke of Noto is said to be very effected by his father's death.  For some years, father and son were estranged as the Duke of Calabria would not permit his only son to marry Sofia Landaluce Melgarejo.   Prince Pedro and Sofia became parents of Jaime in 1993, and remained together despite Pedro's father's disapproval.

The Duke of Calabria eventually acquiesced, the the couple were married in 2001.  They are now the parents of seven children.   The final reconciliation when the Duke of Calabria created Prince Jaime as Duke of Capua.

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