Monday, October 26, 2015

More calls for renouncement for Margaret

October 26, 1955

Another religious leader today "added his voice" to the suggestion that Princess Margaret renounce her right to the throne if she marries Group Captain Peter Townsend.

The Rev. Dr. Leslie Weatherhead, president of the Methodist Conference, said that if Margaret renounced her right of succession, she would then "be free to enjoy married happiness" with Townsend, who is divorced.

Princess Margaret is third in line to the throne after Queen Elizabeth II's two children, the Duke of Cornwall and Princess Anne.

The Times made a "similar suggestion" yesterday, which "evoked an immediate rejoinder" from Lord Beaverbrook's Evening Standard.

This London newspaper said Princess Margaret deserves the respect of the nation "as she attempts to five the question of her marriage the full consideration it requires and demands."

Princess Margaret carried out a "round of royal engagements" today, including opening a school for 500 "invalid boys," in Seaford, Sussex.

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