Monday, October 12, 2015

Monarchy wins in Greece

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October 12, 1935

Field Marshal George Kondylis's military coup d'etat in Athens has led to the abolishing of the Greek republic and the restoration of the monarchy, according to the New York Times.

Some, including former Premier Alexander Papanastasious, who visited the United States several weeks ago, believe that the Greeks would vote for a republic in a "free plebiscite."   But he and other leading republicans have complained about the "muzzling of republican newspapers," and free expression of "popular will" is impossible.

King George II has said that his acceptance of the crown is "conditional upon a majority vote," of not less than 60% of the population.  He has also rejected the "idea of force as a means of restoration."

But now that the new government supports restoration,  George is unlikely to "place any difficulties in the way of the king-makers."

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