Friday, October 2, 2015

Margaret meets with Prime Minister

October 2, 1955

A "happy-looking" Princess Margaret today attended church with Prime Minister Anthony Eden, who flew to Scotland on a "reported mission to discuss her marital future," reports United Press.

There was "no hint" of what was discussed or resolved during Eden's week-end visit with the Royal Family at Balmoral Castle.   This morning Princess Margaret arrived at the tiny Crathie Church looking "gay and radiant."

The Prime Minister's visit "sparked reports" that a "long-rumored statement" on Princess Margaret's marital plans would be issued.

An "army of newsmen, photographers and TV cameramen joined an unusually large crowd of 2000" people outside the church.   Onlookers were intrigued by the arrival of two of Princess Margaret's former boyfriends, Robin McEwan, heir to a rich Scottish family, and Billy Wallace, a wealthy stepson of American writer, Herbert Agar.

However, the man "most mentioned" as Princess Margaret's "true love," Group Captain Peter Townsend was "competing  in an amateur steeplechase at Merano, Italy.

Townsend, 42, is divorced from his first wife.

Princess Margaret arrived at church in a car with her sister, Queen Elizabeth II, the Duke of Edinburgh, and the young Prince Charles and Princess Anne.

Prime Minster Eden gave "no indication" that an announcement about the Princess's possible marriage, was imminent.

Persistent reports remain that Queen Elizabeth or Townsend would release a statement that would "spike the Margaret-Townsend romance talk for good or confirm it."

Group Captain Townsend finished last in the last.  "A good last place is always something," he said afterwards.

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Thank you for this interesting news I always loved and admired Princess Margaret xx