Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Margaret flees London for Sussex

October 28, 1955

Group Captain Peter Townsend left London tonight for a "week-end in the country".  He as the guest of Lord Rupert and Lady Camilla Nevill, at their home, Uckfield House, in Sussex.

Princess Margaret is also believed to be staying with the Nevills.  She left Clarence House in London, where she lives with her mother, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, this afternoon.  A crowd of about 300 people were waiting outside the entrance, hoping for a glimpse of the princess.   However, her "limousine swept out of another entrance," before the crowd realized she was gone,  reported the New York Times.

Reporters noticed that her detective was "seen standing outside the gates" of Uckfield House,  the country estate of Lord Rupert, who is the younger brother of the Marquess of Abergavenny.

Group Captain Townsend has been staying at Lord Abergavenny's London home.  Lord Rupert and Lady Camilla, daughter of the 9th Earl of Portsmouth, are close friends of the royal family.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that before heading to Sussex, Princess Margaret visited her sister, Queen Elizabeth II, at Buckingham Palace.  This visit may be an "indication that her marriage plans were going forward."   Yesterday, the Princess met with the Archbishop of Canterbury.   Members of Parliament are expecting an engagement announcement "by the middle of next week."

Queen Elizabeth  also met with the Privy Council before she and the Duke of Edinburgh left for Scotland by train.

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