Thursday, October 8, 2015

London newspapers "assails silence" on Margaret

October 8, 1955

The "mass-circulation Pictorial" has called for an official announcement about the relationship between Princess Margaret and Group Captain Peter Townsend," reports the Associated Press.

The "huge" front headline screams "For Pete's sake ... put him out of his misery," in reference to Townsend's current status.

The Group Captain will return from Brussels, where he is an air attache at the British Embassy. He is expected to remain in Britain for a month.

"A firm official announcement about marriage to Princess Margaret is long overdue," the paper states. "It would end for Townsend the amazing life of sham he is at forced to lead."

The author of the article, Rex North, adds that Europe is giving Townsend a "golden ride on a royal runabout simply for the reason that he is expected to marry the beautiful Princess."

If Townsend is not going to marry Princess Margaret than the "thousands who who and fete Peter Townsend are being taken for a heck of a royal ride. It would be almost the dampest damp squib of the century."

The Pictorial notes that Townsend has no private income and receives a salary of £30 ($84) a week, but he "flits from Oslo to Cannes to Deauville like royalty to ride in horses for gentlemen of independent means.  The cost of suits, hotels, fares and restaurants to match much add to his misery."

North repeated his demand for an "official announcement" and said: "Let's hope they both live happily ever after."

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