Friday, October 2, 2015

Kaiser and Henry at odds

October 2, 1895

Prince Henry of Prussia, younger brother of Kaiser Wilhelm II, has been sent away "on leave of absence because of a serious quarrel" with the Emperor, reports the New York Times.  The first report of this rumor came last Sunday from a United Press dispatch.

At that time, the report was discredited by Berlin Court Circles.

 Today, two more London newspapers, the Daily News and Truth,  published new reports of the rumor, with a dispatch from the Daily News' Rome correspondent's interview with an unnamed diplomat.  The report states that the quarrel is over a  "difference of opinion as to the organization of the navy."

The dispute has led to Prince Henry's "virtually banished for a year," despite the efforts of Empress Friedrich, the mother of Prince Henry and Kaiser Wilhelm II, to arrange a reconciliation between her two sons.

Prince Henry and his wife, Princess Irene, are now at Balmoral at the guests of their grandmother, Queen Victoria.  They will remain there for about a month,

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