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German Princes who have died in the war

October 30, 1915

A German publisher has just released a book "dedicated to the memory" of nine German princes, who have died in battle since the outbreak of the war, reports the New York Times.

Sixty-four members of German royal and princely families are serving at the front, and, so far, nine, including Kaiser Wilhelm's nephew, have been killed in action.

Four of the nine princes were "relatives or connections" of the Princely house Lippe.

The nine princes who are profiled in this book are Maximilian of Hesse; Friedrich Wilhelm zur Lippe; Friedrich of Saxe-Meiningen and his son, Ernst; Ernst zur Lippe;  Otto of Schönburg-Waldenburg; Wilhelm zu Schönaich-Carolath; Woldrad zu Waldeck-Pyrmont and Heinrich XLVI Reuss.

Prince Maximilian of Hesse was only 20 years old when he was killed in Northern France.  He was one of six sons of Prince Karl Friedrich of Hesse and his wife, Princess Margarete of Hesse, youngest sister of Wilhelm II.

Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Lippe was killed in the "very first engagement of the war, the storming of Liege. He was the younger brother of Count Ernst zur Lippe-Biesterfeld, and uncle of the present ruler, Prince Julius of Lippe-Biesterfeld.  He was born in 1858.

Wilhelm II sent a message of condolence to the Prince of Lippe: "I beg you to accept the expression of my sincerest sympathy on the occasion of the death of your worthy uncle, who, as a shining example of a brave German prince, died at the head of his regiment at Liege for Emperor and empire."

Prince Friedrich Wilhelm was buried at Detmold.

Prince Friedrich of Saxe-Meiningen was the next to die in battle.  His widow is the sister of the Prince of Lippe. Five months before his death, the prince and his wife celebrated their silver wedding anniversary.   As the bells in Meiningen tolled for Prince Friedrich  word came that Friedrich's 18-year-old son, Prince Ernst, was wounded in norther France, and taken prisoner.

 According to reports, Prince Ernst was shot in the head.  He told his comrades: "We must not be taken.  That would be terrible."  He died the next day in a Maubeuge hospital.

Prince Ernst zur Lippe lost his life near St. Quentin in August 1914.   He was born in 1892.   He died instantly in an explosion, and was buried near where he fell. Later he was exhumed and his remains brought to Detmold for reburial.

Prince Otto of Schönburg-Waldenburg was killed at Rheims shortly after his 33rd birthday.  He had served on the eastern front, then transferred to France.  Only ten days after "joining his regiment," he was killed.

He died while "making a reconnaissance to determine the enemy's position."

Prince Wilhelm of Schönaich-Carolath was killed in action in Belgium, just  a few days before his 34th birthday.

Prince Wolrad Friedrich of Waldeck-Pyrmont was born in 1892.  He was "killed on October 17, 1914 at Moorsledge while leading a patrol," according to the telegram sent to his family.  He studied in Germany, before spending time at Oxford and at the University of Grenoble in France.

Prince Heinrich XLVI Reuss was 19 years old when he was killed.  He left school to go to the front, and reached the rank of Lieutenant in a Hessian regiment.   His one wish was to receive the Iron Cross.  This was not fulfilled.  He died while attacking English trenches near La Bassee.  Prince Wolrad was struck by shrapnel and died instantly.

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