Thursday, October 8, 2015

Ernst August has split from girlfriend

Prince Ernst August of Hanover, the 61-year-old estranged husband of Princess Caroline of Monaco, has ended his relationship with former Romanian beauty queen Simona, 27.

Bunte reports that the fairy tale is over for the head of the Hanoverian Royal House and his much younger girl friend.

Prince Ernst August, who has two sons, Ernst August and Christian, by his first wife, Chantal Hochuli, and a young daughter, Alexandra, by Princess Caroline,  is well known for his "hard life," as he has battled substance abuse and other demons.  Simona is said to be a former beauty queen from Romania who was allegedly kidnapped by traffickers, and sold to a brothel, before being rescued by Prince Ernst August.

I do not think Ernst August provided a literal rescue from the brothel, but offered love and a jet-set life with Simona.  He left his wife and young daughter in Monaco, and moved in with Simona, enjoying the sun and fun.

Prince Ernst August has rarely been seen in public, largely due to health reasons.  Several years ago, he turned over the running of the family estates to his heir, Hereditary Prince Ernst August.


Unknown said...

What a slime ball Ernst August is! said...

So EA will return to Caroline his "Wife" now. Unless they are all divorced unofficially.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Doubt. They are not divorced, just separated.

amy lynn said...

Ernst has always been a low class thug. I have never understood why Caroline married him (yes, I think she was pregnant so maybe that is why) nor why in the world Princess Grace would have "had her eye on him" as a mate for Caroline many years ago. After finding true love with Stefano and losing him so dang young, she just gave up on marriage for love?

One thing is true, Caroline will not be seen out in public like this with some man who is her children's age! They do live separate lives, but they have a daughter and she does not need to see this! I am so not a fan of Ernst.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Amy, the story about Grace wanting EA for her daughter is false. She would not have wanted to her daughter to marry out of the faith. For another, remember, Caroline cheated on EA while he was married to his wife, who was one of her friends.

mariasela said...

i heard EA had a very difficult childhood with a distant , strict and cruel father