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New baby is first distaff royal great granddaughter since 1897!

Marlene A Eilers Koenig Collection

The newly born Princess soon-to-be named of Cambridge is the first princess, born as a great-grandchild to the Sovereign since April 25, 1897, when the Duchess of York gave birth to HH Princess Victoria Alexandra Alice Mary.  At the time of her birth, the infant Princess, then fifth in line to the throne, was styled as Her Highness, due to her position as a great-grandchild of the sovereign in the male line.  A year later, Queen Victoria issued a Letters Patent that extended the HRH to the Duke and Duchess of York's children.  

The infant Princess was known as Princess Mary, named for her mother, Princess Victoria Mary Augusta Louise Olga Pauline Claudine Agnes of Teck,, known as Mary or May, the only daughter of Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge and Prince Franz, Duke of Teck.  After the death of her first fiancé, Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale,  Princess May, a favorite of Queen Victoria, married the Duke of Clarence's brother, Prince George, Duke of York, second in line to the throne.

The Duke and Duchess of York were married in July 1893.  Their first child, Prince Edward (David) was born in June 1894. A second Prince Albert  (George VI) arrived in December 1895.    The only daughter, Princess Mary, was the third of six children. The three younger children were Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester (March 1900). Prince George, Duke of Kent (December 1902) and Prince John (July 1905.)

On February 22, 1922,  Princess Mary married Lord Lascelles, later the 5th Earl of Harewood.  They had two sons, George, 6th Earl of Harewood, and the Hon. Gerald Lascelles.

In 1932,  after the death of his sister, Princess Louise, Duchess of Fife (Princess Royal), George V bestowed the title of Princess Royal on his only daughter. 

Princess Mary died on April 28, 1965,.

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