Thursday, February 12, 2015

Archduke Karl Stephan to be crowned as king of Poland

February 12, 1915

Archduke Karl Stephan of Austria has been selected to be the King of Poland, reports the New York Times.  His coronation will take place in the next few days in Cracow.

It is believed that his selection has been "directed by the fact" that he is "allied with the very ancient Polish house of Radziwill."

This coup by Austria is seen as political and double edged.  It is "aimed" against the Hohenzollerns (Wilhelm II, the German Emperor) and their attempt to capture "yet another future throne," and the move will also "influence the Poles themselves in favor of the failing cause of Austria."

It is not known what Germanic Poles think of this move, as Russian armies are "on the point of sweeping into the plains of Hungary, but Russian Poles do not approve of Austria's choice.

But there are worries as Austria should have made this important move toward her "Slav subjects" more than six months ago by selecting a king.   Austrian officials have been attempting to bribe public opinion in Poland with "paper money that probably will prove worthless when the war is over."     Last August, Grand Duke Nicholas promised Polish unification and autonomy under the "scepter of the Czar," with a ruler similar to the Prince of Albania.

Many feel that Russia's position is an "infinitely better offer" than Austria's decision to crown a Habsburg Archduke as a "nominal King of a non-existent Poland.

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