Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Torlonias are here

January 29, 1935

Don Alessandro Torlonia, Prince of Civitella-Cesi and his bride, Infana Beatriz of Spain arrived today in New York City.  They from on board the Cunard White Star liner Aquitania to "spend their honeymoon in this country," reports the New York Times.

Infanta Beatriz is the elder daughter of the exiled King Alfonso XIII and Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain.  She has "royal blood" on both sides of her family.  She shares the "dark hair and complexion" from her father, and the "Guelph nose resembling that of Queen Victoria," who was her great-grandmother.

While the newlyweds are in New York City they will reside at 400 East 57th Street.  They plan on visiting Don Alessandro's mother, Princess Torlonia, who arrives tomorrow on the Italian liner, Rex.  She will entertain them at her home, 375 Fifth Avenue.

The couple were married in Rome on January 14.  During their voyage, they had "all of their meals in their suite and did not mingle with the other passengers."

Don Alessandro has been suffering from a "slight attack of tonsillitis and his bride suffered a little from seasickness."

Infanta Beatriz was "very nervous" at the meeting with the press after the Aquitania arrived and went through Quarantine.  She said she and her husband had been "so hounded" by photographers before they sailed for the United States.

This is the Infanta's first visit to the United States.  She "enjoyed the view of the Statue of Liberty" and the tall buildings.

She is "tall and slim and has a kindly charm of manner in speaking."  She is about 5 inches shorter than her husband who is "6 feet inches tall, with dark curly hair, broad shoulders and pleasant, democratic bearing."

The couple plan to say in New York City for about two weeks before heading to Florida.

"We must be back in Europe in March for the wedding of my brother-in-law, Don Jaime, and will probably sail on the Olympic from New York on March 6," said Don Alessandro.

"I wanted my wife to see America, because, you see, I have a lot of American in me. If I can get away from New York in time we will probably visit Niagara Falls, where all honeymooners go; Washington and Palm Beach. It all depends upon what plans my mother has made."

Infanta Beatriz was dressed in a "brown ensemble and a mink coat that reached her ankles." Her shoes and hose "matched her costume.  Her black beret had a fringe of white wool.  She "wore a pearl necklace and rings of diamonds and rubies, which were covered by her gloves."

Before debarking from the ship, they posed for photographers, and were met at Pier 54 by a "large delegation of Spanish loyalists" who presented Infanta Beatrz with a "bouquet of yellow roses, bound with red ribbon," symbolizing Spain's colors.  The welcoming party included the Countess of Colloredo-Mannsfeld, the Marquis de Belmonte, Donna Mena Belmonte and the Princess of Bourbon.

Infanta Beatriz's mother, Victoria Eugenia, is the daughter of  Princess Beatrice, youngest child of Queen Victoria, and the late Prince Henry of Battenberg.  She now lives in London.

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