Friday, January 23, 2015

Marital crisis for Beatrice and Henry

January 23, 1890

Prince Henry of Battenberg has been "absent from court for two months," according to the London Truth.  It appears that the husband of Princess Beatrice has "decided upon a permanent rectification of boundaries between himself and his wife's family."

The Grand Duke of Hesse and By Rhine and the Princess of Battenberg have been "endeavoring to arrange the difficulties which have arisen," but not with much success.

The paper expects that "we will find Prince Henry passing the autumn months in Continental travel, while his wife is enjoying the seclusion of Balmoral."

Prince Henry apparently "threw down the gauntlet" when he went to Graz,  to stay with his brother, Prince Alexander, who  was "unceremoniously jilted by Princess Victoria of Prussia."  Prince Alexander has been "regarded at the English court, as a wretch compared with whom Judas Iscariot was a worthy man."

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Anonymous said...

From another newspaper article at the time

His absence was due to the misconception he had in his role as "Governor of the Isle of Wight" and took on airs and graces. He made some unwelcome comments about the growing girth about the waist of the Prince of Wales when the latter was visiting Osborne plus some other indiscretions? The Queen was "not amused" and apparently gave Henry a right Royal "wigging." with the result he shot off to the Continent swearing never to set foot on English soil again