Monday, January 5, 2015

Is Prince Henry about to announce his engagement?

January 5, 1925

Prince Henry, the third son of King George, is "about to pay his fourth visit to the Duke and Duchess of Buccleuch in Scotland," reports the New York Times.  This has given "some substance" to the reports that the Prince will follow the example of his brother, the Duke of York, and "marry a Scotch girl."

Inquiries to "well-informed quarters" suggest that "matters have not yet reached the point" where one can discuss the "definite prediction of an engagement.
Certainly an engagement between Prince Henry and Lady Mary Scott would "meet with the approval" of both their families, but the decision to marry is "entirely in the hands of the young people most concerned."

One should not believe the reports of the "matrimonial designs" of Prince George, the king's youngest son.  Reports of his impending engagement are "grossly exaggerated if not entirely unfounded."  His parents believe he is too young to "to know his own mind even if he should be passing through the stage of calf love incidental to his age."

Prince George is a member of London's "smart set," and frequently partners a girl "whose name has been mentioned as the object of his matrimonial intentions," but it is pointed out that there is no merit to this particular story.

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