Friday, January 9, 2015

Former Queen Amelia doing better

January 9, 1950

Former Queen Amelia of Portugal is said to be "considerably improved" today after a brief illness, reports United Press.

The 84-year-old queen is the widow of King Carlos of Portugal, who was assassinated in 1908, along with their elder son, Crown Prince Luis.   Their younger son, Manoel, succeeded to the throne, but remained on the throne only until October 5, 1910, when the monarchy was abolished.  Manoel died in 1932.

Queen Amelia was born Princess Amélie of Orleans, the daughter of Prince Philippe, Count of Paris and Princess Marie Isabelle of Orleans.    She is the oldest of the "world's exiled royalty, and has lived for many years in a "small chateau" at Versailles.

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