Monday, January 26, 2015

Eulalia's jewels siezed

January 26, 1935

More problems for former King Alfonso of Spain's aunt, Infanta Eulalia. She has been able to "acquire a wandering trunk load of priceless jewels in Spain," reports the New York Times.

Infanta Eulalia has been living in retirement for years, "almost in poverty as compared with the style" that her nephew and his family maintain.  But she owns one of the "rarest collections of jewels in Europe," and it was saved by Spanish premier Azara, who placed the jewels in the Bank of Spain.

Infanta Eulalia said to a reporter:  "Since then I have not learned much about them.  I got the services of an agent, but when he inquired at the Bank of Spain he was told that no one knew where to find the jewels. They are the gift of my mother and are worth several million francs."

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