Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Empress Zita to marry Hungarian count

January 9, 1925

Former Austrian empress Zita, who now lives in Spain, is to marry Hungarian Count Josef Hunyady, reports the New York Times, which states that the original report was published in a Socialist newspaper, Abend, in Vienna.

The Abend believes that Zita, being married to a Hungarian national, will be able to legally enter Hungary, and the Horthy government will not be allowed to deport her.

This dispatch is similar to other reports about "Zita's determination to return to Hungary with her 12-year-old son Otto," and "prepare the soil for the latter's mounting of the throne."

A marriage to the Count would "eliminate the legal difficulties" that prevent her return to the country.

(L-R  Count Hunyady, Count Esterhazy, Karl and Zita in Switzerland in 1921)

Count Hunyady was Emperor Karl's  last Lord High Steward. He accompanied the former emperor and empress into exile at Madeira.

The wedding announcement was also made at a meeting of opposition parties in Budapest.

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