Monday, January 26, 2015

Crown Prince Wilhelm ill

January 26, 1905

Crown Prince Wilhelm of Prussia is "confined to his room" with influenza,  reports the New York Times from Berlin.  It is "denied," however that the heir to the German throne has "contracted pneumonia" from his brother, Prince Eitel Friedrich.

Prince Eitel Friedrich's physician issued a bulletin at 10:00 a.m., this morning:

"His Royal Highness had a fairly good night. He slept for some time and did not cough much.  The lower lobe of the left lung is now entirely affected; the distress in breathing is not extreme; the pulse is rapid, though strong.

"Temperature 102 3/4; appetite is somewhat better; complains of pains in the side; is perfectly conscious."

Empress Auguste Viktoria traveled to Potsdam early this morning and spent the afternoon with her convalescing son.   His condition "gives the family much concern," but there is nothing to indicate that his illness is "not taking the normal course."

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