Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A claim to the Oldenburg throne

January 7, 1905

Count Alexander von Welsburg, a Lieutenant in the First Regiment of the Guards at Potsdam, will soon bring a claim to the throne of Oldenburg, reports the New York Times from Berlin.  He will assert in court that he is "by right" the ruler of Oldenburg.

In 1876, Prince Elimar of Oldenburg (1844-1895) married Baroness Nathalie Vogel von Friesenhof.  This marriage was morganatic, which meant that Nathalie and her children could not bear Elimar's titles or share his rank.   Nathalie was created Countess von Welsburg at the time of her marriage.

A year after their marriage, she gave birth to a daughter, Friederike who died in 1901.  Count Alexander was born in Hungary in 1878.

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