Monday, November 17, 2014

Will Infanta Cristina renounce her rights?

The Spanish newspaper, ABC, is reporting that Infanta Cristina of Spain, youngest sister of King Felipe V, may be on the verge of renouncing her rights to the Spanish throne.

Earlier this year,  ABC had sent a letter to the Spanish Prime Minister Ramon Perez-Maura, calling for a renunciation of Cristina's rights in view of her legal problems.  She will face trial for tax fraud charges.

According to the ABC article,  Cristina will not lose her HRH or the title Infanta of Spain.  She is also the Duchess of Palma de Malloraca, which she received from her father, King Juan Carlos, on the occasion of her marriage to Iñaki Urdangarin.   Residents of Mallorca have called for the Infanta to lose this title.  (The ducal title is not hereditary, and will revert to the crown when Infanta dies.)

ABC also states that the dynastic rights of Infanta Cristina's children will not be affected if Cristina choses or is forced to renounce her rights.

I am not sure how the legal system works in Spain, but she remains innocent until found guilty.  Infanta Cristina should not renounce her right to the throne unless she is found guilty.

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juan said...

This situation is really sad and I don´t understand why Infanta Cristina, sister of King Felipe VI (Felipe V was the first Borbón King) should renounce to her rights to Throne before a judge says if she is gilty or inoccent. She is defending her inoccence so it´s incredible that Ramon Perez Maura, director of ABC, a royalist newspaper, writes a public letter to the Spanish Primer Minister Mariano Rajoy. A royalist should support Infanta Cristina, not to ask for her renounce.