Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Prince George's wedding to cost at least $50,000

November 4, 1934

Prince George, the youngest son of King George V, and Princess Marina of Greece, are in the finals weeks of preparation for their wedding at Westminster Abbey on November 28.

The Chicago Daily Tribune reports that the preparations "not only cost the king a lot of extra work, but a large sum of money."  King George is expected to "dig down in his pocked for about $50,000," to cover the expense of the wedding.

This amount will meet only the "bare expenses," and does not include Queen Mary's dresses for the wedding or the other official receptions.  Nor does it include the wedding gifts that the king and queen will give to their son and new daughter-in-law.

They are expected to bestow on the newly weds, "an entire household equipment of cutlery and table linen besides magnificent sets of jewels to be worn in court by the bride."

The sum set aside by the king will cover the following:

* $6500 for "extra rations of rum and gin" for the Navy to drink to Prince George's health on "the eve of wedding."   There will also be champagne for the officers of "the regiments on duty at the wedding," and beer for the soldiers.

* $7500 for stands at Westminster Abbey.  2000 guests have been invited.  Money "will be saved on floral decorations" as the Abbey does not permit cut flowers "with the exception of two vases of lilies."

$250  ringing of "full peal of bells."

$200 for red carpets, candles and awnings.

$25,000 for  three receptions to "view wedding presents, grants and toasts to tenants on royal estates" and the wedding breakfast,

$7,000  for six to seven wedding cakes.  A Scottish firm will bake the cake that will be cut by the bride and groom.  It is the same firm that baked the wedding cake for the wedding 41 years ago of the then Duke and Duchess of York.

$10,000 for postage of invitations and thank you letters, among other incidentals
Prince George is expected to give a donation to the Abbey "to commemorate his wedding." 

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