Monday, November 3, 2014

Nicholas leaves for the front

November 3, 1914

Emperor Nicholas II of Russia left for the front today, accompanied by the Minister of War, reports the New York Times.

An official bulletin from the Russian General staff notes that Russian army continues to advance in East Prussia and Poland.  The troops have occupied one of Kaiser Wilhelm II's estates.  (The estate was not named in the communique.)

Nicholas II stated that Germany "must be crushed." He says there will be no peace until "Russians reach the heart of the Fatherland."

The Emperor also issued a manifesto after the outbreak of war with Turkey.

"Russia will receive this fresh aggression on the part of the ancient persecutor of the Christian religion and the Slav peoples with tranquility and confidence in God.  The valiant armies of Russia will triumph once again, not for the first time over the Turkish hordes. Once again we will know how to punish the insolent foe of our Fatherland.

"Our confidence is unshakable that the ill-advised intervention of Turkey will only hasten the fatal end of that Empire and will open the way for the Russian settlement of problems on the Black Sea coast which have been handed down by our ancestors."

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