Thursday, November 20, 2014

Marina finds marriage details have led to a weight loss

November 20, 1934

In just nine days, Princess Marina of Greece will marry Prince George, the Duke of Kent, the youngest son of King George V and Queen Mary.   The Princess will leave France tomorrow to travel to London, where she will marry on November 29th.  According to a Los Angeles Times article, the Princess has "lost so much weight from preparing for the wedding," that last minute alterations have been made to her trousseau.

Most of her days and nights have been filled with social obligations including shopping and visiting with friends that she has lacked the time "to eat and sleep properly," said one friend.

The Dowager Queen Marie of Romania is sending "my beautiful Marina," a solid silver embossed bowl as a wedding gift.  Princess Paul of Yugoslavia will be bringing the gift to London.

"When you receive this bowl, put into it the finest English roses you can produce, and may you and George feel their fragrance represents the sweet, tender friendship and love I have for both of you," Queen Marie wrote.

Marie, the widow of King Ferdinand, who died in 1927, is a first cousin of King George.

One London newspaper offered the dowager queen "a large sum of money" to write a "special article on Marina" for publication on the wedding day, but Marie declined the offer, as she is in mourning for her son-in-law, King Alexander of Yugoslavia, who was assassinated in Marseille in October.

Princess Marina and her parents, Prince and Princess Nicholas will be staying at Buckingham Palace until the wedding.

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