Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ludwig von Waldburg wants marriage annulled. Claims he never married Jessica

The story of the Hereditary Count Ludwig von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee and Indonesian celebrity Jessica (Yesisca) Iskandar has become a bit murkier,  after reading through the latest Indonesian news articles.

Disclaimer: I use Google translate, which turns the Indonesian articles into English (usually)

One of the more recent articles describes Ludwig as the Caucasian from Germany.  I think this article ( )  reports that Ludwig is seeking an annulment of the marriage, rather than a divorce.  There may be a question or issue regarding the validity of the marriage, which is alleged to have taken place in December 2013.

This following article states the Hereditary Count Ludwig has asked to have his marriage record removed from the civil records as well.   His lawyer will not comment on the matter.

This article states that Ludwig moved out of the apartment after the wedding.  The article also shows a photo of Jessica with a baby (but a bit older than her alleged infant son.)

According to this article, Ludwig has been living in an apartment in Karet, South Jakarta, although he had to move out after he married Jessica.  This information came from a employee of the apartment building.  "When people were making a fuss about him marrying Jessica, Ludwig moved out. Perhaps because of Jessica" said the employee.  " But actually Ludwig still wants to be here."

Ludwig is also suing the True Jesus Church, where the church's attorney said he has evidence of the wedding, and this evidence will be provided to the court.

Hereditary Count Ludwig von Waldburg claims that he was never married, and was "shocked" by the news of the marriage, when it was published in the newspapers.

Attorneys for the True Jesus Church said they will hold a press conference tomorrow to state they will not talk about the case.  "I don't want to talk about that because the court proceeding has not yet happened. We will respond to the lawsuit.  If it's true, we'll say it's true.  It if it's not, we will say it is not true."

Not surprisingly, Jessica is being "bombarded" with questions from the press regarding the question of her marriage.  She was photographed today, accompanied by two security guards.  She is wearing a very short black and white dress and a medical mask with the word Pain.  Difficult to answer questions with a medical mask covering her mouth.

(Any clarification on the translations would be appreciated.)

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