Friday, November 14, 2014

Jessica Iskandar to show photo of baby for $$$$$

Everything has a price.  According to following article,  Indonesian celebrity Jessica Iskandar is about to reveal a photo of her baby on television.  She will be paid 500 million Rupiah (Indonesian currency), which is about $40,000.

 The Born-in-the-USA allegedly named El Barack Alexander is said to the son of Jessica and her alleged husband, Hereditary Count Ludwig von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee. 

Ludwig recently filed suit in an Indonesian court, stating that his marriage never took place, and he wants all records expunged.  He has never mentioned fathering a son.

The photo is supposed to be shown on an Indonesian TV show.

Hmmm .. is someone a little hungry for more publicity?

According to this article,  Ludwig's lawyer told reporters that the lawsuit makes no mention of Baby El.  Nor does the lawyer know what Ludwig's feelings are concerning the baby ...

and we don't know if Ludwig is the baby daddy!

Ludwig is currently not in Jakarta.