Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Jessica and Ludwig: heading for mediation?

(Again, this post is based on Google Translate of Indonesian news stories.)

Earlier today in Jakarta, Indonesia, a judge has ordered a mediation for Indonesian celebrity, Jessica Iskandar, and  Hereditary Count Ludwig von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee.

Neither Miss Iskandar nor Hereditary Count Ludwig were in court today.  Both were represented by their lawyers.  A representative of the True Jesus Church was also present.

Ludwig has failed suit against Iskandar and the True Jesus Church on the grounds that a marriage never took place, and he wants the civil record to be expunged.

The mediation must take place within 40 days.  The judge requested that a second hearing be held in two weeks, and if there is no resolution to the issue, there will be a further trial.

Iskandar, who is also known as Jedar and Jessilicious, was apparently shooting a TV program today.  

This story is relatively big news in Indonesia,  the German media has largely ignored it, apart from small articles in Bunte and a local German newspaper.  Ludwig is not a public figure, and the German press appears not to be interested the story.

Ludwig's complaint demands the declaration of the marriages as null and void from the time of the marriage; for the True Jesus Church to abide and implement the decision; and for Miss Iskandar to pay the costs of this case.


Anonymous said...

Is there any proof that they even know each other, maybe a pic of them together?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Ludwig's suit states that he never married Jessica .. it does not state that he does not know her. said...

This is getting bad to worse. Poor lad. I think he has learn't a major lesson from this.. I am sure he won't be getting married anytime soon if he gets out of this situation. BTW, Is Jessica also claiming her child to be his too ?

I wonder what German law suggest ? Maybe he can simply walk away from this.