Friday, November 28, 2014

George and Marina cheered at theater

November 28, 1934

The Duke of Kent and Princess Marina of Greece were expected to spend a quiet evening tonight at Buckingham Palace and York House, respectively, but "paid a surprise visit to a West End Theatre," reports the Associated Press.

A "capacity audience cheered the young couple for several minutes," delaying the start of the production. Earlier today,  they were "almost mobbed by enthusiastic, cheering crowds along the mall."

The Duke of Kent's controller, Major Ulick Alexander, who handles "his personal affairs," has been "ordered to bed" as he has influenza.  The Prince of Wales has lent his brother, his equerry, Colonel Piers Legh, who will be riding with Princess Marina in the "glass-windowed coach" that will take her to the Abbey tomorrow.

The Dutch Legation hosted a dinner in honor of Princess Juliana of the Netherlands, who is one of the bride's bridesmaids.  Four other bridesmaids also attended, but the three youngest, Princess Elizabeth of York, 8, Lady May Cambridge, 10, and Lady Iris Mountbatten, 14,  were too young to attend, and were in bed,

It was a fairly early evening at the Dutch legation as many of the guests at the dinner, including Prince Paul and Prince Peter of Greece, Don Juan of Spain, and Prince Charles of Belgium, departed "after the brief entertainment."

There was no dancing after the dinner.

From restaurants to hotels and theaters, the entire city is filled with "colorful decorations, floral and otherwise."
Licensing hours for serving liquor have been extended until 2 a.m., tomorrow.

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