Monday, November 10, 2014

Former German Emperor and eldest son have crossed Dutch border

November 10, 1918

Former German Emperor Wilhelm II and his eldest son, Wilhelm, have crossed "the Dutch frontier," according to "advices from The Hague," and reported by the New York Times.

Wilhelm and his party, which is said to include Field Marshal von Hindenburg, arrived at Eysden at 7:30 in the morning.

It is said that "the whole German General Staff" accompanied Wilhelm and "ten automobiles carried the party."   The cars were "bristling with rifles and all the fugitives were armed."

The former Kaiser was dressed in uniform.  He got out at the Eysden station and "paced the platform, smoking a cigarette."  A few minutes later, an imperial train pulled into the station. Only servants were aboard.

There were also reports that Wilhelm, accompanied by his wife, Auguste, Viktoria, planned to travel to Maastricht, and then to Midachten Castle, which is owned by Count Willem von Bentinck, 38,  a member of the Prussian guards.

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