Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Albert doesn't know sex of twins

The Prince and Princess of Monaco appeared on the palace balcony earlier today to take part in the National Day celebrations.   The Princess, who is in the final weeks of pregnancy, did not accompany her husband to the Cathedral for the Thanksgiving service.

Prince Albert sat down recently with a reporter from the Monaco Matin.  He says he looking forward to the impending birth of his children, but said: "I prefer not to know the sex of the babies before they are born."

(So much for the reports of Charlene telling reporters she was having two boys.)

He also said that Princess Charlene does know the sex of the two babies.   The due date is just before Christmas, he added.
There will be several events to celebrate the birth of the heir and spare.  These will take place after the Princess is released from the hospital.

There will also be the traditional gun shot salute, but Prince Albert promises it won't be the usual 101 for a boy or 21 for a girl.  "It will be neither," he said.  "It will be a surprise."

As for the succession itself, Prince Albert stated that if Charlene gives birth to two sons, the first born will be the Hereditary Prince.  If the first born is a girl, and the second a boy, the boy is the heir apparent.   Twins girls:  first born.

The full interview does not appear to be published on the newspaper's website.

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