Monday, December 2, 2013

Nicholas II has escaped: latest rumor

December 2, 1917

Former Emperor Nicholas II has "fled from the convent near Tobolsk," where he has been imprisoned and has made "his escape through Harbin" and is now in Japan, according to the latest rumor.

The New York Times reports that the rumor reached London from Zurich via Paris, but there is no confirmation to the story.


Michelle said...

i have a question which you may not have the answer to, but i figure you're the most likely person i can think of who may have an idea. i was looking more into the backgrounds of the "secret princes" on the show and was trying to figure out the connections of Alexander (who i think usually goes by Francis, though i'm not 100% sure on that) to the Romanovs.

his mother is Olga Romanoff, who uses the title princess. her biographical info lists her children, the youngest being a son called Thomas. he died in 1989 at just 1 year old.

do you have any idea what caused his death? i did a search online but his given name - Thomas Mathew - isn't very distinguishing. there isn't any mention of an accident, so perhaps he was born with some sort of disease or became ill. or maybe there was an accident that simply wasn't given much press attention, i don't know. any clues?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Thomas Mathew was born on November 27 1987. He died "after a very courageous fight" on April 20, 1989 (Times death notice.)
He had a heart condition, according to an interview with Olga some years ago. You will find at least one story on Francis Mathew. Olga is the daughter of the late Prince Andrew Alexandrovich of Russia and his second wife, Nadine MacDougall. Andrew was the second child of Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich of Russia and Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna, elder daughter of Alexander III and sister of Nicholas II. Olga is a great niece of Nicholas. Her father had three children by his first wife, much older than Olga.